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Caro Minasian

Collection of Persian and Arabic Manuscripts


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Project Team
Ahmed Alwishah, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Howard Batchelor, Digital Library Program
Zoe Borovsky, Center for the Digital Humanities
Ghazzal Dabiri, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Stephen Davison, Digital Library Program
Genie Guerard, Department of Special Collections
David Hirsch, Near Eastern Bibliographer/Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Hassan Hussain, Islamic Studies
John Riemer, Cataloging and Metadata Center
Terry Ryan, Library Administration
Hossein Ziai, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Lisa Atluri, Library Information Technology
Henry Chiong, Library Information Technology
Curtis Fornadley, Library InformationTechnology

Student Assistant/Website
Kevin Carnes, Department of Information Studies

Genie Guerard, Manuscripts Librarian, Department of Special Collections
Stephen Davison, Head, Digital Library Program