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Caro Minasian

Collection of Persian and Arabic Manuscripts


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Sample Manuscript Page Sample Manuscript Page

Near Eastern Manuscripts: Caro Minasian Collection Digitization Project

A key priority of the UCLA Library is the provision of greater access to its special collections materials, among which are UCLA's outstanding collections of Near Eastern manuscripts. The collections include approximately 15,000 manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish, primarily in the fields of medicine, literature, philology, theology, law, and history, and ranging from the 11th through the 19th centuries. These collections comprise the second largest collection of Near Eastern manuscripts in the United States.

The Library is engaged in a large scale project to improve access to these collections through digitization and the creation of tools to support research and instruction in the online environment. In order to create a large and research-worthy body of digital content in support of this project the Library is undertaking the digitization of the Caro Minasian Collection.

The Minasian Collection of Arabic and Persian manuscripts is one of the most extensive post-classical Islamic manuscript collections in the United States. The collection primarily consists of works related to the studies of theologians and scholars at centers of learning in Iran during the 17th and 18th centuries, and is especially notable for works of Shiite theology, Arabic and Persian language and literature, and Islamic science and philosophy.As manuscripts are digitized they will appear on these pages under Browse Digitized Manuscripts. Please note that these pages may appear to be missing content from time to time as they are querying the working database for the project.

The site is best viewed using a recent version of the Firefox browser with access to Unicode fonts (to correctly view Arabic characters and diacritics).